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    The earth is a fire planet. Most landscape burn and many ecosystems need fire to maintain biodiversity. Yet protected area managers and fire suppression advocates have mismanaged flammable vegetation and created a global nightmare under the belief they were “protecting” the environment.

    Recent archeological work in Pech de l’Azé IV (Dordogne, France), a collapsed cave with an approximately three meter sequence of well preserved, primarily anthropogenic sediments that show unambiguous evidence of Neandertal use of fire. The faunal assemblage, which suggests a temperate, wooded environment, has evidence for the exploitation of some small game, and provides possible evidence for some non-subsistence related activities.

    Fire is deep in our DNA and history. To be fully human is to know the transformative work of fire.

    It is time to reclaim our use and understanding of fire.

    In the modern world we can understand fire by using fire. If the Neandertals could do it, we can do to.

    If you would like to restore your relationship with fire with science based techniques contact dosfuegos.org. We can help you with your relationship with fire.
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