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  •   david commented on this post about 1 year
    This is for you to be part of the Team. At such a time when people are swallowed by the effects and impacts of COVID-19, many of the resources are geared towards mitigate this pandemic leaving out life-support systems. As the focus has shifted to health issues, there is a lot of environmental degradation going on. People have lost livelihoods and income sources thus resorting to forests and oceans as their safety nets. We have witnessed how communities are dependent on these ecosystems how they are depleting them.

    We are now campaigning for re-planting 200,000 mangrove trees during this time of COVID-19. We want you to support this initiative and know that we can't destroy our life-support systems as doing so will wipe all of us from the face of the earth. We want you to be counted by planting only one tree as comfortable as you can. With only one Dollar, you will counted as a philanthropist who support matters environment. Check this link  https://gogetfunding.com/just-one-tree-for-me-stop-covid-19stop-climate-change-let-me-be-counted/
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