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Climate Change

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​Climate science, economics, politics and ecology

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  • The public debate over climate change, is no longer about greenhouse gases and climate models, but about values, worldviews, and ideology.
    Whether you agree or not with this statement, the journalism is on fire upon this issue; 'climate strikes are a communist plot' , 'childish socialism won't help the environment' , and so on so fourth. And these, are just some of the many headlines in the press and social media, which caught my attention during the past few days, months, years.
    In our days, even non-violent climate movements and groups, are being treated as extremists by the governments worldwide, etc, etc.
    Are we lost in translation maybe? Are we missing the real issue here? Most probably we are, but it's a fact, that a lot of confusion and suspicion arise amongst different groups of people, and that's a problem.
    So how do we overcome this and communicate the real problem, that of the climate change?
    In mathematics the first two steps in solving a problem, is to read the problem entirely and get a feel for the whole problem. So, as one of Stanford reports identifies, that caught my attention last night, is that overall, the challenge now becomes one of framing complex scientific issues, in a language that a lay and highly politicized audience can hear and not criticise, and if I may add, nor deny it's existence.
    Climate change is real and is being proved scientifically. No argument on that! So lets take it from there and communicate that clearly, in 2020!
    #climatechange #climatechangedenial #socialscience #socialscientists #environmentalmanagement
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  • According to the UNHCR, over the past year thousands of people were forced to move by sudden weather events, like flooding, forest fires after droughts, or intensified storms. It is now becoming obvious, that climate change is alive and thus contributing to the sea-level rise, ocean acidification, air pollution, rain pattern shifts and loss of biodiversity.
    The situation doesn't get any better in the near future. On the contrary!
    In 2018, the World Bank estimated that three regions (Latin America, sub-Saharan Africa, and Southeast Asia), will generate 143 million more climate migrants by 2050.
    Talking about humanitarian crisis....
    Photo: UNHCR archive
    #climatechange #climatechangedenial #climatemigrants #humanitariancrisis
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