BeachPatrol Australia

BeachPatrol Australia

BeachPatrol is a volunteer organisation that keeps local beaches free from rubbish. Our community groups meet for an hour each month to clean beaches in Melbourne and around Victoria. We also raise awareness of rubbish related issues among locals and educate them about proper garbage disposal.

Starting in 2009 with Middle Park, it became clear that residents cared a lot about the condition of their local beaches. Port Melbourne was soon up and running followed by St Kilda and Brighton. 

In 2019, we have 30 groups with over 1500 registered volunteers, covering 50 km of beach across Port Phillip Bay and Victoria. We've also built the Litter Stopper App for iOS and Android devices to enable volunteers to record their rubbish collecting.

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    Our BeachPatrol groups spend an hour a month cleaning our beaches. The more plastic rubbish removed, the less chance our seabirds/marine life have of ingesting it or become entangled in it. Come on out and lend a hand for cleaner beaches and a cleaner bay. AND .. if you don't leave near the beach, check out LoveOurStreet. These groups spend an hour a month removing rubbish from streets, parks to prevent it ever reaching our waterways and beaches. #beachpatrol
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