Mountain Ash Forests

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Seed Funding

Seed Funding
Echo Active's seed funding program supports our site's development and helps us raise awareness about threatened species and ecosystems and other topics. 

How it Works
Members buy monthly or annual memberships and get a seed for each month they're a member. They can then donate seeds to sponsor the creation of a page or other content they're interested in. Once registered on our site, you can join as a member and buy a pod of seeds. 

Once your purchase is confirmed, you'll be invited to seed fund the creation of a new or existing page. Sponsors will receive seed funder badges, be listed on their sponsored pages, receive notifications when content is shared to their page and milestones are reached. Milestones involve the creation of new content such as interviews, short documentaries and other material related to the page.

Existing Campaigns: Search our Species and Areas Map
To find existing topics on our site, search hereTo search by location, visit our endangered species and places maps.

Campaign Milestones
3 Seeds: Basic Page Creation
10 Seeds: Page Upgrade
25 Seeds: Specialists Invited to Contribute (eg. Biologists, Botanists)
100 Seeds: Short Film (3 min)
500 Seeds: Sponsored Campaign

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