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    [Part 1]

    Ta đều hiểu rằng thiền định là phương pháp giúp tâm yên tĩnh, bớt suy nghĩ vẩn vơ, tiến đến dừng suy nghĩ hoàn toàn, tiến đến xóa sạch bản ngã vô minh sâu kín để hoàn thành sự nghiệp giải thoát giác ngộ như Phật đã dạy. Dĩ nhiên con đường giác ngộ này không phải đi trong vài ba kiếp mà hết được, có khi ta phải trải qua cả vài trăm vài nghìn kiếp mới hoàn thành.

    We understand that meditation is a method of calming our mind, defusing wandering thoughts, and moving toward a stage of complete thoughtlessness. From this stage, the practitioner will then proceed to eliminate their ignorance and ego in order to accomplish the final goal of spiritual enlightenment as Buddha taught. Of course, the path of enlightenment can never be completed within several lifetimes. It takes hundreds or even thousands of lifetimes for a person to reach the end of this path.

    1. Meditation = thiền (danh từ), sedentary meditation = thiền tọa
    2. (to) meditate sedentarily = ngồi thiền
    3. Wandering thoughts = ý nghĩ vẩn vơ, vọng tưởng
    4. Our mind = tâm của chúng ta
    5. A stage of complete thoughtlessness = trạng thái hoàn toàn không suy nghĩ
    6. Move toward = tiến đến
    7. to eliminate ignorance and ego = xóa chấp ngã vô minh
    8. To accomplish the final goal = hoàn thành mục tiêu cuối cùng
    9. Spiritual enlightenment = giác ngộ tâm linh
    10. As Buddha taught = như Phật đã dạy
    11. The path of enlightenment = con đường giác ngộ
    12. within several lifetimes = trong vài kiếp sống
    13. hundreds or even thousands of lifetimes = hàng trăm, hàng nghìn kiếp
    14. To reach the end of this path = đi đến (hoàn thành) tận cùng con đường này.

    (From Thien Ton Phat Quang Pagoda)

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    To be continued....
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    Since the existence of human beings, nature has been offering us not only the vast oceans but also invaluable forests which bring a huge variety of material and mental benefits to human beings. Among those most precious values, nature brings us our life! Forest plays an indispensable role in preventing floods, reducing erosion and harmonizing the climate. It is easy to understand that most of the climate abnormalities come from us who relentlessly exploit the forests. We are not here to talk about the adverse effects of those actions because we all know about that. We are here with a hope to really do something to harmonize the problem of these foreseeable sufferings caused by human's destruction. And that means protecting the forests is a must.
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