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Soundscape Ecology

Sugarloaf Ridge State Park soundscape ©2016 Great Big Story

​The aural richness of a habitat is a direct measure of its biodiversity. By comparing this richness before and after any human impact on a landscape, we can get an indication of how much biodiversity has been lost. Bernie Krause is a pioneer in the field of what he calls biophony, the biological sounds of a landscape.

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  •   dincon commented on this post about 2 years
    The sound of sea, a strange sound coming from the ocean, that was first heard by the French freediver Guillaume Néry. A scream, a distress signal, an SOS to eliminate overfishing! #soundscapeecology #oceansound #humannature #nature #easounds
    Sea Shepherd | Sound Of Sea
    Creatives Josselin Pacreau & Sebastien Guinet
    Agency TBWA PARIS
    Directed and photographed by Jérôme de Gerlache
    1st AC Pierre Assenat
    Editing Maxime Setzer
    Colourgrading Thibaut Petillon
    Music Julien Jaounen
    Producer Jennifer Bauche
    Creatives Josselin Pacreau & Sebastien Guinet
    Agency TBWA PARIS
    Directed and photographed by Jérôme de Gerlache
    1st AC Pierre Assenat
    Editing Maxime Setzer
    Colourgrading Thibaut Petillon
    Music Julien Jaounen
    Producer Jennifer Bauche
    Location manager Teva François
    Art direction Eddy Penot
    Diver Bruno Scheerlinck
    Produced by Else

    “Sound of Sea” is the story of a strange sound coming from the ocean. A never-before-heard, almost living sound.

    The first person to hear it during one of his dives was French free diver Guillaume Néry, the secret player behind this whole operation who posted a video of the sound on his various social media accounts yesterday morning, Wednesday, April 3.

    Several dozen sea lovers and influencers shared this strange sound, extending its impact on social networks, immediately raising many questions. What is this sound? Where does it come from? What does it mean?

    The sound is actually a combination of different sounds: real undersea sounds and echoing laments from the living world, victim of man's over-exploitation: a harpooned whale, pilot whales hunted down in the Faroe Isles, dolphins caught in fishermen's nets, frenetic, agitated schools of fish packed together in trawlers’ nets.

    Inaudible, invisible and therefore overlooked atrocities.

    Sorted, amplified, processed and juxtaposed, these sounds resulted in a single, unique sound:
    “Sound of Sea”: an SOS from the ocean.

    The sound was emitted from a strange spherical beacon sunk in the depths of the ocean off La Rochelle, France, where the Sam Simon is currently on a mission to stop fishing vessels from catching dolphins in their nets. This beacon was specially designed for an operation led by Sea Shepherd France and the TBWA\Paris advertising agency.

    The idea behind the device was to raise people's awareness of the urgent need to reduce our fish consumption. Political measures are too weak and too slow. It is time for each and every one of us to take real action: rethinking how we (de)consume the ocean and stop treating it like an inexhaustible pantry. Because scientists' forecasts are alarming: according to the United Nations, if nothing is done to curb the phenomenon of overfishing, fish populations will collapse by 2048. Without them, the ocean -- the planet's leading climate regulator and oxygen provider -- will cease to function. We won't survive the death of the ocean. Far more than protein, fish are the breath that connects us to life.

    In the end, Sound of Sea is a new way of grabbing the attention of both the general public and the media.

    It's no longer Man speaking to Man about the Oceans’ problems. In a way, this is the ocean speaking directly to us in its own language, a language we understand without ever having learned it - a distress signal, a scream: an SOS.

    #SoundOfSea #SeaShepherd Sea Shepherd France
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