National Park Guide, Europe

The National Park Guide, Europe

We present photos from our visits to 58 national parks in South- and South-Western Europe.

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Taking on the Plastics Crisis

©2020 Hannah Testa

Activist Hannah Testa talks about her journey to refuse plastic products

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Tropical Permaculture Guidebook

©2019 Tropical Permaculture Guidebook

For living sustainably and regenerating our planet!

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Mourning Dove, A Climate Crisis Novel

©2019 Shawn Oueinsteen

Novel & Blog To Mitigate Climate Crisis

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Heartwood: The Art and Science of Growing Trees for Conservation‎ and Profit

©2017 Rowan Reid

This book argues that harvesting trees can be good for our environment

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Global Ecological Restoration

©2013 Paddy Woodworth

Our Once and Future Planet: Restoring the World in the Climate Change Century

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The issues and the solutions...
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